Woodpeckers: The Gap Story | Filmmakers Journey to Poland to Seize “Coolest” Woodpeckers | Nature



(birds chirping) – [Anne] Hello, I am Anne Prum, producer and cinematographer of ‘Woodpeckers: The Gap Story’. – [Speaker] All proper, I am gonna head up (carabiner clicking) – [Anne] To movie one of many coolest woodpeckers in Europe, cinematographer Mark Carroll and I journey to western Poland to the Stowlowe Nationwide Park.

(birds chirping) – [Anne] How does it really feel at this time?

– [Mark] Feels good.

We acquired considered one of our associates proper right here.

This is our earlier rigging.

Some good tie off factors for our cameras.

It has been right here for some time so the birds are completely accepting of it.

Right here I hear infants – [Anne] With the assistance of native biologist, Ramal Mizak, We had a number of nesting pairs of black woodpeckers.

The nest we selected to movie was improbable besides that it was 60 toes up a Beech tree.

(birds chirping) This was a wholesome tree and protected to climb.

So every morning, Mark Carroll would descend the tree with climbing ascenders and place cameras inside and outdoors the nest cavity.

(birds chirping) – [Mark] I am gonna angle down much more if I must.

– [Anee] Every climb was extremely strenuous and Mark would generally should make this climb a number of instances a day.

(birds chirping) If it began to rain or if there have been minor changes that wanted to be made with the cameras, he would generally should climb the tree as much as 5 instances a day.

However the alternative to get such shut and intimate views of this little household was properly well worth the effort.

(birds chirping) – [Mark] That is cool.

(birds chirping) – [Anne] This was a fantastic Woodpecker household to work with and did not appear to thoughts our intrusions.

(birds chirping)


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