Win a FLIR Vue TZ20-R


Win a FLIR TZ20-REnter the DELTA™ Customer Appreciation Sweepstakes for a chance to win a Vue® TZ20-R!

At the PowerGen show today, Teledyne FLIR announced a new contest – and one customer will win a FLIR Vue TZ20-R, a radiometric thermal zoom camera payload.

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FLIR’s TZ20-R is a powerful sensor which brings more pixels to a zoomed in image.  For a wide variety of commercial drone applications, a clear image obtained from a safe standoff distance can be critical: whether performing an industrial inspection on an electric power station, or critical surveillance in a law enforcement operation.  Radiometric functionality makes the sensor ideal for precision applications like solar inspection, where an accurate temperature measurement rather than a comparative indication is required.

Win a FLIR Vue TZ20-R!

Now, enter the DELTA Customer Appreciation Sweepstakes for a chance to win a Vue TZ20-R drone payload.    Teledyne FLIR DELTA is the company’s amazing library of educational resources for drone users.  The contest will run through the month of June, and the winner will be announced in July of 2022.

Celebrate FOUR years with Teledyne FLIR DELTA – your free source of cutting-edge insights with a focus on best practices, field checklists, and other thermal application-based information! We want to thank our loyal customers for hundreds of thousands of video views, podcast listens, downloads, and for supporting Teledyne FLIR.

The Vue TZ20-R, a high resolution, thermal zoom gimbal, is purpose-built for the DJI® V2 Matrice 200 Series and Matrice 300 airframes and includes radiometry to measure the temperature of every pixel in the scene. Featuring two 640×512 resolution FLIR Boson® thermal camera modules, with one providing a narrow-field-of-view (18 degrees) and the other a wide-field-of-view (95 degrees), the Vue TZ20-R provides even greater situational awareness, accuracy, and context by offering more pixels on target with the corresponding temperature data.

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