WILDHEART | Dipper Chicks Escape Raging River | Nature



(rain gurgling) – [Narrator] The brood of chicks is able to fledge, however an unseasonal downpour is reworking the benign river right into a raging torrent.

(water gurgling) (mushy orchestral music) (chicks squawking) The dad and mom have to coax the chicks out of the nest as shortly as potential.

(water continues gurgling) (orchestral music) (water gushing loudly) Delaying their fledging, even by a couple of minutes, may see the children swept away by the torrent.

(chicks proceed squawking) The chicks have to depart the nest now, however they’ve by no means flown earlier than and must navigate the slippery rocks, whereas avoiding the raging river.

(water continues gurgling) (chicks squawking) The dad and mom supply tasty morsels to attract them out of the nest.

(birds squawking loudly) (water torrent splashing) (wind whipping loudly) The winds whip via Wildheart’s forest.

Lives are in danger throughout the Highlands.

(orchestral music continues) (water gushing loudly) The river nonetheless rises.

(chicks squawking) (water continues gurgling) (orchestral music continues) However the dipper chicks are all out and secure.

(water gurgling continues) (dipper chicks squawking)


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