Twitter didn’t address Elon Musk’s takeover during shareholder meeting


Two right-leaning speakers made appeals to Musk to put more constraints on Twitter’s policies and practices regarding misinformation and race.

A representative of the National Center for Public Policy Research, a conservative think tank, proposed Twitter audit its discrimination policies, accusing the firm of discriminating against White people and men. The representative directly appealed to Musk, imploring him to shake up the company’s culture, which he felt had become too liberal.

“Let’s cure the DEI mind virus spreading inside Twitter,” the person said, speaking about Twitter’s practices on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A second right-leaning speaker from the National Legal and Policy Center appealed to Musk over issues relating to misinformation and free speech. The organization’s official shareholder proposal requests that Twitter provide detailed disclosures about its lobbying activities.

The NLPC speaker described Twitter executives as “master misinformers” and said that it was “no wonder Elon Musk is buying the company” because it had gone too far in censoring people.

“Cleaning up this mess can’t come soon enough,” he said.


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