The Catholic Tradition Podcast: 151 – Liberal Girls & Drag Queens


Jan 16, 2023

What’s behind the growing reputation of drag queens and drag
reveals in America? Why is half the viewers of RuPaul’s Drag
now composed of younger liberal ladies? How has the drag
subculture, initially meant as a frivolous and self-consciously
synthetic deconstruction of masculinity, paradoxically change into one
of progressivism’s most potent symbols of earnest and genuine

Darel Paul, professor of political science at Williams School,
joins the podcast to debate his current First Issues essay
“Drag Queens”. Making an attempt to reply the questions above, he brings
forth insights concerning the relation between the LGBT motion,
“wokeness” and America’s largely female-driven therapeutic


Darel Paul, “Drag Queens”

Darel Paul, “Underneath the Rainbow Banner”

Darel Paul, From Tolerance to Equality: How Elites
Introduced America to Similar-Intercourse Marriage

Psychologist Dr. William Coulson on how he led many non secular
sisters away from their vocations

James L. Nolan Jr., The Therapeutic State: Justifying
Authorities at Century’s Finish

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