Soul of the Ocean | A Dugong’s Unlikely Companions | Nature



– [Narrator] Not all preparations with suckerfish are as comfy.

This dugong within the Philippines has two units of companions: the streamlined remoras seen on sharks and mantas, and striped golden jacks.

The placid dugong grazes the seagrass meadows.

The golden jacks seize small shrimps that the dugong stirs up.

He appears content material to have them round.

The remoras, on the opposite hand, appear to bother him.

They do not appear to be helpful cleaners.

Actually, they solely wish to eat what the shrimp goby feeds his shrimp.

Most remoras are poop-eaters, identical to the shrimp.

The dugong hates it.

It have to be very uncomfortable.

First, he tries to rub them off, however that does not work.

Plan B. He rolls round creating a cloud of silt and sand.

He tries to bat them away.

As soon as he is received a dense cloud cowl going, he sneaks off with his golden jacks and just one remora.


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