Six Books For Aspiring Serial Entrepreneurs


A lot of people dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs. But very few manage to see their vision through. And the number of people who manage to become serial entrepreneurs is even less! A serial entrepreneur, as the name implies, is someone with a series of a successful businesses.

To attain this incredible feat, you need help in every way possible. And one thing that can really make your journey easier is reading!

Yes, books can be your most valuable ally in the journey to becoming a serial entrepreneur. If you haven’t yet realized the importance of books, you have no idea what you are missing out on.

Let’s face it. Everyone needs a mentor. You need guidance and insights to make a mark in the business world. Unfortunately, very few aspiring serial entrepreneurs have successful businessmen on their speed dial. So how do you get much-needed assistance in your path? That’s what books are here for!

Books Aspiring Serial Entrepreneurs Must Read

You will find innumerable books on serial entrepreneurship. But how to find one that helps you steer in the right direction? Of course, everyone has a different stimulant. But there are some books that resonate with everyone.

If you aspire to become a force to reckon with in the business world and join the league of successful entrepreneurs, here are some books you cannot miss out on.

1.    All In By Bill Green

What better way to be inspired in your journey to become a successful serial entrepreneur than to learn from someone who has actually gone down the road?

Bill Green is a successful serial entrepreneur who started his journey with a flea market business. Eventually, he was at the top of the distribution game, raking in sales of over $1.8 million. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? And he has shared his story in his book, All In.

He has shed light on all the lessons he learned during his 40 years of being a serial entrepreneur. He has also explained the steps he took to start his first business venture and how he morphed it into a successful interline brand.

From practical tools to a How-to guide, this book has it all, making it one of the top choices for aspiring serial entrepreneurs.

2.    The Innovator’s Dilemma By Clayton M. Christensen

One major problem every serial entrepreneur faces is that when he starts establishing a new business, he fears losing his footing in the previous one. Let’s face it. Keeping up with the changing trends of industries is never easy. And it becomes even more troublesome when you are operating more than one company.

Clayton M. Christensen offers you invaluable advice on dealing with this problem effectively. In The Innovator’s Dilemma, you will find lessons that will help your companies perform optimally without losing your hold.

3.    Meetings Suck By Cameron Herold

More often than not, people struggle to stay awake at meetings. And when you are a serial entrepreneur, you have to be a part of so many meetings that it’s bound to be draining and monotonous.

If you want to become a successful serial entrepreneur, you have to ensure every meeting you conduct is productive and makes people feel empowered. And Cameron Herold can help you with this.

Meetings Suck is a guide that teaches you to be a better leader. It trains you on how to conduct meetings that won’t be a waste of time. This book can help you become a better leader.

4.    Good To Great By Jim Collins

To become a successful serial entrepreneur, you have to ensure that every company does great. You can’t be satisfied with merely breaking even. You have to attain greatness. So how do you take your companies to such heights?

Seek guidance from Jim Collins! He put together a research team comprising 21 people who scrutinized every fortune 500 company that attained immense success in its field. He used these companies as foundational case studies.

This book works as a teaching tool for serial entrepreneurs who want to learn how to make their companies shine amidst the tough competition.

5.    The Power Of Habit By Charles Duhigg

Being a serial entrepreneur takes immense discipline and courage. After all, you are handling a lot of things simultaneously. You have to ensure your habits play a role in enhancing your productivity.

Let’s not forget, your everyday habits affect not only your happiness and everyday life but also productivity. You can use the science of habit building to give your business a boost and also make yourself more productive. How? That’s what you learn in The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

6.    Leadership And Self-Deception By The Arbinger Institute

Yes, it might seem like a typical business book, but the best thing about this is that it’s written pretty differently. It’s like a combination of story and analysis. Via this book, you will get a chance to discover yourself. You will understand what leadership is all about. And we don’t really need to tell you how leadership skills can help you become a serial entrepreneur.

Plenty To Learn For Serial Entrepreneurs

We are just getting started. If we list every book that aspiring serial entrepreneurs can learn from, it will never end. There are so many, including Made to Stick, Losing My Virginity, Crossing the Chasm, Running Lean, Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking, The Lean Startup, and so on.

You will never run out of options if you know where to look. Keep one thing in mind; if you want to be a successful serial entrepreneur, you have to be at the top of your game all the time. And these books can help you become a better version of yourself!

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