Impossible Brazil by Fashion Designer Savio Drew


Impossible, why? Because, if you were in Savio Drew’s shoes maybe it could be.
From Brazil’s northeast estate of Piaui, the fashion designer grew up in the vastness of the Brazilian Savannahs – yes, we have Savannahs.

Hence, he lived in a part of the country where people exchanged their workforce for the chance to use the land to exist – harvesting cotton, coconut oil and anything they need with no electricity.  A feudal Brazil. The village was his family, all 20 of them.

Growing up he never had clothes of his own, sharing garments with his brother. Therefore, as he couldn’t have his own clothes he drew them, imagined them and self-taught how to draw.

Savio moved to the capital Brasília at 16 and through the strong investments in education of Lula da Silva governments at the time, he was granted a full scholarship to study Fashion at a private university.

Impossible even to dream of? Not anymore. Currently in Spain, he’s doing his masters in sustainable fashion and those drawings of childhood became a powerful reality.

Based in Valencia, Spain, the designer is inspired by the textures, improvisation and reuse of materials, a common trace in Brazilian culture. The famous local ability to makeshift things, to make use of what is available.

Yet, the colors, energy and craftsmanship of his designs are homage to the hundreds of tailors, craftspeople of which creative and potent skills of the Brazilian countryside are still undervalued.

A natural born sustainability

Northeast Brazil is considered the most progressive part of Brazil. But many creatives have left the country in recent years due to the far-right government currently in power. Hence causing a great exodus of creative minds.

Because conservatism has never deterred any creativity and never will, he created non-stop. First, Drew has developed partnerships with brands in Brazil and Europe. Second, he has also taught tailoring and fabric technics to youngsters in vulnerability situation.

Savio Drew’s Impossible Brazil

Brazil R$1,99 !

His project @brazil1.99 is intended to showcase the multifaceted creative force of Brazil, a platform for him to work with styles and artisans from various regions of the country.

His heroes and sheroes are the simple, hardworking people that weave the bright culture and heritage that influence his work. Recycled fabrics, natural colors, ropes, straw, embroidery and lace all compose his portrait of Brazil.

Because fashion in a way is so much more and according to him, must be decentralized. Everyone expresses something through the clothes they wear – consciously or not.

His recent launch in Europe is a partnership with Portuguese fashion brand @Cuscuz. In Brazil he has partnered with fashion giant Farm.

The future? Well, for him the future is possible, truthful, and sustainable.

Sávio Drew

Pictures @matilde__cunha
Art Direction @saviodrew /
Styling @saviodrew
Model @avoomoo
Location València, Espanya
Brands @cuscuzdesign / @use_drew / @foradejogo_


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