Honouring Biologist, Environmental Leader and Educator Bob Peart with the Douglas H. Pimlott Award


Bob Peart, recipient of the Douglas H. Pimlott Award

The Douglas H. Pimlott Award honours individuals who have demonstrated a significant contribution throughout their lifetime through words and deeds to the conservation of Canada’s biodiversity, landscapes and wilderness. This year’s winner, Bob Peart, is an exceptional biologist, environmental leader, educator, and volunteer who has spent decades working for nature in Canada. 

Since 1972, Bob has been dedicating his time and passion to Canadian nature. He was Chair of Nature Canada from 2017-2020, though he first worked alongside the government at Parks Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service, Royal BC Museum, BC Government’s Environment and Aboriginal Affairs, and the Greater Vancouver Regional Government. He then made waves as an Executive Director of Environmental NGOs such as the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC, BC Chapter of Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, and Sierra Club of BC, before going on to privately consult for ILE Consulting and the Nexus Learning Group. 

For more than forty years Bob has volunteered for Nature Canada, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, the Grasslands Conservation Council of BC, the Friends of Shoal Harbour Society, the Elders Council for Parks in BC, the Fraser Basin Council and The Land Conservancy of British Columbia.

Bob is enthusiastic about reconnecting children and families to nature. He founded and chaired the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada, served on the board of NatureKids BC, and was a strategic advisor to the Cheakamus Centre – North Vancouver Outdoor School. Bob was also a Senior Associate with the Children and Nature Network in the USA.

Bob has tirelessly advocated for and upheld the values we hold dear: parks and protected areas, Indigenous rights and conservation, environmental education, wilderness protection, bird conservation, and connecting all Canadians to nature.

Bob has already been awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal and the J.B. Harkin Conservation Medal, and we believe Bob’s incredible life’s work and legacy deserves to be honoured with Nature Canada’s most prestigious conservation award.


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