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Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential aspect of digital marketing, and keyword research is a crucial component of the SEO process. Keyword research involves identifying and analyzing search terms that people use to find information online.

By understanding what keywords people are using to search for specific topics, businesses can optimize their website content and improve their chances of ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Fortunately, there are many free keyword research tools available that can help businesses with this task. In this article, we will explore some of the best free keyword research tools for SEO. These tools include:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword Tool
  • Answer the Public
  • WordStream Keyword Tool

Each tool has its own unique features and benefits which can be used to gain insight into what your target audience is searching for online.

By utilizing these free resources effectively, businesses can optimize their website content for better visibility online and ultimately drive more traffic to their site.

Key Takeaways

  • Utilize long-tail keywords to target a niche audience and increase conversions.
  • Analyze competitor keywords to identify gaps in content strategy and uncover new opportunities to rank higher in SERPs.
  • Over-optimization penalties from search engines can occur if relying solely on high-density keywords.
  • Free versions of these keyword research tools are available.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is a web-based tool designed to assist users in researching keywords and estimating their search volume. It was created primarily for AdWords users, but it can also be utilized for SEO purposes.

Using Google Keyword Planner for effective keyword research involves entering a seed keyword or phrase, selecting the relevant country and language, and filtering results based on average monthly searches, competition level, and suggested bid.

Best practices for utilizing Keyword Planner for SEO include focusing on long-tail keywords with low competition and high search volume.

These are specific phrases that are more likely to convert into clicks or sales because they target a niche audience rather than a broad one.

Additionally, analyzing competitor keywords can help identify gaps in content strategy and uncover new opportunities to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

By using Google Keyword Planner as part of an overall SEO strategy, businesses can improve their online visibility, drive targeted traffic to their website, and ultimately increase revenue.


Ubersuggest is a versatile software platform that offers comprehensive information about website performance and audience behavior.

It is an excellent free keyword research tool for SEO that provides data-driven insights for keyword analysis and competitor research.

With Ubersuggest, you can easily find relevant keywords, analyze the competition, and identify content gaps to improve your website's visibility on search engines.

One of the most impressive features of Ubersuggest is its ability to provide detailed information about competitor websites.

By entering a competitor's URL into the platform, you can discover their top-performing pages, backlinks, and organic traffic estimates. This information enables you to create a more effective SEO strategy by identifying gaps in your content and opportunities for improvement.

Additionally, Ubersuggest offers keyword suggestions based on user intent and search volume, making it easier to optimize your site's content with high-quality keywords that drive traffic and conversions.

Keyword Tool

A versatile software platform that provides comprehensive insights into audience behavior and website performance, Keyword Tool is a valuable resource for optimizing content with high-quality keywords that drive traffic and conversions.

This free keyword research tool offers several benefits to marketers and SEO professionals, including:

  • The ability to generate hundreds of relevant long-tail keyword suggestions based on a single term or phrase

  • A user-friendly interface that makes it easy to filter results by language, location, search engine, and device type

  • Real-time updates on keyword trends and search volume data for popular search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube, eBay, Amazon, and more

  • Advanced features like negative keyword filtering and exact match options that help refine keyword lists for maximum impact

In addition to these features, Keyword Tool also enables users to analyze their content for optimal keyword density.

By identifying the most frequently used words in their text and comparing them against target keywords or phrases, marketers can adjust their copywriting strategy accordingly.

Overall, Keyword Tool is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a free yet powerful SEO tool that can help improve website rankings and increase online visibility.

One caveat about using this tool is that relying solely on high-density keywords could lead to over-optimization penalties from search engines.

Therefore it's important to balance the use of primary keywords with secondary ones throughout your content strategy.

By doing so strategically while incorporating long tail keywords into your overall SEO plan will ensure your site ranks well without being penalized by Google or other search engines.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a unique search analysis tool that utilizes autocomplete data from search engines to generate insights into user intent and behavior.

This free tool allows users to enter a keyword or phrase and receive a visualization of the most common questions, prepositions, comparisons, and related searches associated with that query.

These visualizations can be exported as CSV files for further analysis or utilized for content ideation.

To effectively use Answer the Public for keyword research, it is important to understand how users are searching for information related to your topic.

By analyzing the most common questions and queries associated with your keywords, you can gain insight into what users are looking for and tailor your content strategy accordingly.

Additionally, Answer the Public can help identify long-tail keywords that may not have been initially considered but could prove valuable in driving targeted traffic to your website.

Tips for finding these long-tail keywords include analyzing prepositions and comparisons associated with your primary keyword or phrase.

Overall, Answer the Public provides valuable insights into user behavior and intent that can be harnessed to optimize SEO efforts.

ProsConsWho should use?Cost
Provides unique visualization of user queriesLimited number of searches per day on free versionContent creators & SEO professionalsFree & Paid versions available
Helps identify long-tail keywordsResults may not be completely accurateDigital marketers & business owners 
Can export results as CSV filesInterface may be overwhelming at first glance  
Offers valuable insights into user behavior & intent   

WordStream Keyword Tool

The WordStream Keyword Tool is a comprehensive online platform designed to provide users with valuable insights into the performance of their PPC campaigns.

Its main goal is to help businesses find the right keywords that will drive more traffic, leads, and conversions.

One of the benefits of using WordStream is its ability to identify high-performing keywords in real-time.

The tool analyzes your website's content and suggests relevant long-tail keywords that you may have missed. This feature helps users expand their keyword list and optimize their campaigns for better results.

Another benefit of WordStream is its user-friendly interface that makes it easy for beginners to use.

The tool provides step-by-step guidance on how to use it for keyword research, allowing business owners and marketers to gain insights without needing extensive technical knowledge or experience in SEO.

Moreover, WordStream offers data-driven insights on competitors' keywords that can be used as a benchmark for your own campaign strategy.

By analyzing the competition's tactics, businesses can improve their own campaigns by identifying gaps in their keyword selection or targeting specific niches that competitors are not pursuing.

Overall, the WordStream Keyword Tool provides an efficient way to conduct keyword research and optimize PPC campaigns while providing actionable data-driven recommendations for improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other free keyword research tools besides the ones mentioned in this article?

Alternative platforms for keyword research include Ubersuggest, Keyword Tool, and Google Trends. To optimize user experience, consider exploring features such as filtering by location or search volume. Continuously expanding the list of free tools can lead to better results and innovation in SEO strategy.

How accurate are the search volume and keyword suggestions provided by these free tools?

Evaluating keyword competition and using long tail keyword research strategies are crucial for determining the difficulty of ranking for a specific keyword. The accuracy of search volume and suggestions from free tools varies, but combining multiple sources can improve results.

Can these tools be used for local SEO research or are they only useful for global keywords?

Optimizing local keywords offers many benefits, including increased visibility and relevance to nearby consumers. Free tools can aid in this process by providing insights into search behavior and competition. Tips for using these tools include identifying long-tail keywords and monitoring rankings over time.

How often should keyword research be conducted using these tools?

Frequency of research is crucial to stay updated on trends and changes in user behavior. Incorporating long tail keywords improves the relevance and specificity of content, increasing the likelihood of ranking higher in search results. Strategic, goal-oriented keyword research is essential for successful SEO campaigns.

Are there any limitations or drawbacks to using free keyword research tools compared to paid options?

Keyword planner alternatives, including free research tools, may provide limited data and require more manual analysis. However, utilizing a mix of tools can support a well-rounded long-term SEO strategy that considers multiple factors beyond just keyword research.


In conclusion, keyword research is a crucial aspect of SEO that requires careful consideration. To this end, there are several free tools available for conducting effective keyword research.

Google Keyword Planner provides valuable insights into search volume and competition level, while Ubersuggest offers a comprehensive list of related keywords and their search volume.

Additionally, Keyword Tool helps to generate long-tail keywords that are often overlooked by competitors. Answer the Public is an excellent tool for identifying popular questions and topics related to specific keywords.

Finally, WordStream Keyword Tool provides an all-in-one solution for conducting keyword research and optimizing ad campaigns.

By using these free tools effectively, businesses can gain valuable insights into their target audience's search behavior and optimize their content accordingly.

This data-driven approach can help businesses achieve their strategic goals in terms of increased traffic, higher conversion rates, and improved overall website performance.

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