Dressing Up the Henley | Primer


If you just want to invest in one type of Henley to start, try one made from a blend of fabrics: Travis’s favorite BYLT Henley features cotton, polyester and spandex. “The polyester keeps you cool, the spandex has a little stretch and give, and the cotton adds a nice weight without being too thick or heavy.” Spandex is also good if you have a heavier build and want the shirt to move with you without clinging too much.

So where can you wear your Henley and dress pants? Almost anywhere. Obviously this isn’t a formal outfit (so weddings, funerals, black tie charity galas, etc., are right out) but it fits right in at brunch, cocktail hours, and less formal networking events, and Travis even argues it’s the perfect first date ensemble.

“You want to show that you care about how you look, but you’re still casual enough that you won’t make your date uncomfortable if they didn’t dress up that much.” Wearing dress pants and a Henley hits right in that sweet spot of being stylish, yet low-key, “you made an effort while still looking effortless.”

This makes a pretty compelling argument for the Henley being that elusive “chameleon” piece Primer is always discussing. One that complements whatever other pieces you wear it with. Whether you dress it up or dress it down, you’re not going to feel out of place, overdressed, or like you’re wearing a costume. You’re going to look and feel like a slightly more pulled-together version of yourself.

And that’s what style is all about.

Check out more from Travis on his site Unkept Gentleman and follow him on Instagram, @trav_white_.

What’s your favorite way to style a Henley? Share your tips in the comments.


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