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(water gurgling and birds chirping) – My identify is Jeff Hogan, and I have been filming wildlife world wide for over 30 years now.

However my favourite place and my favourite creature is correct right here in my very own yard.

It is the beaver.

So right here we’re.

That is your basic beaver colony.

It consists of a number of lovely massive dams, a number of completely different lodges, and so they’ve simply flooded this complete space and made this unbelievable wetlands ecosystem.

I am gonna get on, have a better look.

Here is basic beaver workings.

These are smaller cottonwood bushes, that they’ve simply chewed down, and so they make the most of them for meals, in addition to constructing supplies.

Let’s go take a look at the dams.

(water stream gurgling) That is an unbelievable dam.

The beavers are continuously sustaining this dam, using new supplies, previous supplies, in addition to stones.

And what I wanna do is I wanna get a shot below water of them really constructing and sustaining this dam.

(water streaming loudly) (water gurgling) The beavers possess so many completely different engineering expertise, one among which is excavation.

And what they did is they excavated a canal again over to their favourite meals provide, willows and aspens.

They usually’ll simply float it, and swim from the security of the water.

That is the place they’re at house.

That is the place they can escape predators.

Oh, have a look at this, beaver poop.


(Jeff gasping) (water splashing) So I am ready for the beavers to indicate up.

They need to be leaving their lodge quickly, and with some luck, we’ll get some beaver constructing the dam exercise right here.

Proper now, the water’s operating pretty excessive, due to the spring runoff, however they’re going to nonetheless cruise backwards and forwards and examine their dam.

So any minute now, we ought to see a beaver.

(water gurgling) I have been filming beavers for most likely over 30 years now.

To seize the little intimate particulars of their life is simply a lot enjoyable.

They achieve this many issues.

They construct lodges, they construct dams.

They chew on bushes and knock ’em down after which minimize ’em into little items and use them for constructing supplies and for meals.

So there’s a lot going on right here on the Beaver pond.

Different species make the most of the efforts of the beaver as properly.

They create these unbelievable ecosystems.

These beavers are simply great creatures.

(birds chirping and water gurgling) (wind whistling)


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