ADU 01260: How can pilots decide on using a particular software?


Today’s question is from Felipe on how pilots can choose a particular software, considering there are many options available for a single application in the drone industry.

Pilots today are spoilt for choices on using drone software for a particular application leading to complex purchasing decisions and the follow up learning curve with these softwares for related business deliveries. We address this very important question for pilots today, going over the many softwares that are available and how you can choose one over the other.

We start off today’s episode introducing Drone U’s mindmap for navigating the drone industry landscape giving pilots a clear career path to pursue as they progress through their development. The mindmap has been shared on the Drone U community and we are sharing the map for our podcast viewers.

We then briefly discuss how the combination of flight skills, software and having a consistent drive enables pilots to be successful in the drone industry. Thereafter we delve into a comprehensive analysis of the mindmap, showing and describing the software, their application and use in the industry.

In our last segment we touch upon the best practices when conducting a drone business and how entrepreneurs can achieve success through simple but critical business decisions such as delegation and customer-centric business solutions.

This podcast is by far our most comprehensive analysis of the drone industry, the skills you require to hone, the softwares required and you do not want to miss this one !

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[1:00] Drone U’s mind map on skills+software+industry to navigate the drone business space
[4:00] Today’s question on ways to navigate the many softwares available in the drone market for drone applications
[6:45] How flight skills integrate into a pilot’s ability to produce quality deliverables
[12:00] Mapper and DroneDeploy software for mapping and opensource OpenDroneMap
[13:20] Why Drone U teaches mapping using Mapper and a brief synopsis of each software
[26:35] Where are thermal maps being used in the drone industry?
[32:43] Parameters that drive software purchase decisions
[35:22] The importance of delegation and its ability to power growth
[38:00] Recommendations for pilots to dive deep in a certain vertical


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