ADU 01258: How should pilots react to Washington state’s law requiring registration of drones?


Today’s question is from Laska, about Washinton State’s new legislation requiring certified part 107 drone pilots to register drones with the state. She would like to know how to deal with this legislation and what pilots should make of it.

Today’s podcast directly addresses the frequent state vs federal legislation situation that pilots have faced ever so often. Is Washington state’s legislation on drone registration relevant for drone pilots considering all of drone regulation is covered federally through the FAA?

We address common questions around this topic – should pilots expect other states to follow Washington state in this new legislation? Should state attempt to generate revenue from such legislation ? possible reaction from drone advocacy groups, and how we as drone pilots can stay up-to-date on drone laws using Drone U’s drone advocacy kit.

Stay updated on drone laws. Being a well informed drone pilot can help you address challenging legalities that you may come across during drone flights. Tune in to learn more.

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[2:57] – Today’s question on Washington state’s legislation on certified pilots having to register their drone with the state
[4:30] – Is this a trend that pilots can expect from other states?
[5:12] – How do states attempt to generate revenue from drone registration and what the federal laws state?
[12:18] – How do different drone advocacy react to Washington state’s action


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