ADU 01256: How did we put the Isotopes’ Cinewhoop shoot together?


Today’s question is from Tom, who wants to know how pilots can put together Cinewhoop shots and what goes into planning and execution of such shots.

We are fortunate to have performed a Cinewhoop production video for a local baseball club Isoptoes and happy to answer Tom’s question today straight from our hands-on experience of performing a shoot.

We start our response by highlighting GoPro’s latest camera with superior stabilization than its predecessor models and how it has been designed for Cinewhoop videos. We then delve directly into Tom’s question by first talking about what cinewhoop entails and the legalities around such shots. We discuss how pilots need to plan flight plans and equipment for a perfect shot and this is critical in the overall success for a production shot.

We then delve into specifics of how Paul landed a Cinewhoop project for Isoptopes, a local baseball club, and how he went about planning and executing the production. We discuss important aspects of shooting such videos including parameters like flying through people, legalities and regulations and working with FAA, planning takes and flying practice and discussing aspects for a successful flight.

We also discuss how Drone U through its experience of working directly with manufacturers are planning on rolling out training videos for effective training of pilots. Stay tuned for our upcoming class on Cinewhoop and access the LUCID Props platform for using Lucid Drones.

Stay tuned till the very end of the podcast for the final production of the Cinewhoop video or watch it on Instagram and this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

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[0:56] – GoPro launch of new camera for Cinewhoop FPV drone
[7:59] – Today’s question on cinewhoop and legalities on performing such shots
[9:28] – Planning and Practicing your shot and equipment
[14:33] – Drone U’s work with LUCID technologies
[16:40] – Cinewhoop videos – planning paths, shots and execution
[26:08] – Flying and taking shots besides people
[30:13] – Important factors for conducting a smooth and successful flight
[37:49] – Upcoming Drone U class on Cinewhoop videos
[38:49] – FAA regulations for conducting shoots
[43:39] – Cinewhoop video footage


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